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I have been bored with my photography lately. I haven’t picked up a camera in months. I haven’t been creative. I saw things here and there to shoot but never went back to actually shoot them. I needed a challenge and a new subject. When I first got into photography I carried my camera everywhere. I shot anything and everything. To be honest I got a ton of crappy photos, but I had a ton of practice and was proud to share when I shot. I was shooting every day and was pretty creative on the shots I did get. So for 2018 I wanted a challenge. I have toyed with film before and I actually own two Nikon Film SLRs. Well here is the challenge I choose.

1) Shot film, Kodak Tri-X 400 Black and White Film

2) Shot only with my 50mm 1.8 lens Shoot 1 shot per day.

3) Only 1 click of the shutter.

4) Post a photo to social media every day

One photo per day makes me find new subjects. Using just a nifty-fifty also makes me think more about each shot. One click of the shutter daily made me ensure my exposure is correct as there is no looking at the back of the camera. 

I am almost though my 1st roll. I will have them developed by mid March and will be posting my photos daily as soon as they get back. By the end of the summer I hope to be developing the negatives myself and scanning them in, but for now I will have them professionally done. Hope you enjoy this project, be sure to watch for the tag #3rdCoastFilmProject. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean I am not ever gonna shoot digital. I hope this project makes me bring out my DSLR more often and shot more!

June Photos

May Photos

April Photos

March Photos

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