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Film in 2017

Film, do you shoot it?  To be honest, these shots of the Flagg Coal #75 was the last time I shot film, and I cheated with it.  I didn't develop it myself, I sent it into a lap, had them develop the negatives and email me high quality scans.   I think they turned out great and I am very happy with the look!

So could I do this all digitally?  Well yeah kinda.  I could shoot the photos, convert them to black and white, add some grain in Lightroom or Photoshop, and would you know the difference?  Most people wouldn't.  

So why shoot film in 2017?  Look at it this way, every time you hit the shutter button, it cost you money!  You have 24 or 36 shots, and it forces you to really think about every shot.   You can not "spray and pray".  

You frame the shot and then you have to decide, will this shot be worth the money you spend on it.  Will it be worth your time in the darkroom?  Will you be happy with the shot that will take up one of your 36 frames you have on this roll of film?

On October 28th, I will be chasing the Pere Marquette 1225.  I have committed myself to shoot one leg of the trip in all film.  I will have my Nikon N60s and a roll of Tri-X 400 film.  This time I will develop the film myself, and maybe even make enlargements the old fashion way.   Hope it is worth the money!  

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